Granite and Mica Landscape Boulders

Granite and Mica Boulder

White and Pink granite with black mica veins

Landscaping with boulders can add great appeal to the design of your landscape. In fact boulders and rocks are one of the most common accents used by professional landscaping artists in their design.

Pezzetta Stone has thousands of boulders in all shapes and sizes. The white grey and pink boulder with black mica veins (pictured here) is a great addition to any landscape. These boulders come from deep beneath the earth of  Wilbraham Mt.  in Western Massachusetts. They are extremely rare boulder that are produced by the blasting of ledge-rock for the purpose of residential construction.

What makes our boulders so rare is the high volume of black mica infused into granite. This particular rock formation can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. In addition, the lands where these boulders are mined are diminishing quickly due to urban development.

Granite and Mica boulder

In the close-up above, you can really see the pinks and greys. The black  mica veins are abundant in our rocks and they really glisten in the sun. When they are wet or sealed with a stone sealer, the colors pop even more!

We are currently supplying our boulders to east coast landscaping professionals from Massachusetts to New Jersey. If you are looking to beautify your garden or yard,  give us a call for quote. Our prices are competitive and are determined by quantity, size, and shipping costs.

Opening Your Pool in Western Mass

Opening a Pool for Summer

While you may be a staunch Do-It-Yourselfer, even the most determined homeowners should know when it’s best to turn things over to professionals. When it comes to opening up your pool, it’s best to leave it to the experts.
Opening your pool can be quite daunting, however if you decide to tackle the project yourself, start with this check list of tools you will need to tackle the project successfully:

  • A pump to remove water from on top of your cover
  • A Brush to scrub your liner
  • Water test strips
  • Skimmer Net
  • Vacuum System
  • Safety Goggles
  • Rubber Gloves

If you already have all the tools and they are all in good working condition, you should be ready to move forward. Here are a list of chemicals you’ll need to insure your water is safe to swim in:

  • Total alkalinity increaser
  • pH increaser and decreaser
  • Chlorine stabilizer
  • Calcium hardness increaser
  • Granular chlorine
  • Algaecide
  • and scale, metal and stain control.

pool patiosMost of these chemicals are quite toxic and extreme precautions should be taken before handling. Safety goggles and rubber gloves should be worn at all times to avoid injuring yourself. Make sure to read all precaution on the labels and never use them in an unventilated area without understanding the chemicals you’re using.Knowing the chemistry itself is extremely important when trying to balance the pool environment making the water safe for your children friends and family.

Doing the work!

Once you’ve managed to track down all the expensive tools supplies and chemicals, you still have to go through the grueling process of getting your pool opened including:

  • Drain and remove the cover
  • Clean the cover and pack it away safely
  • Remove freeze plugs
  • Inspect filters and Pumps
  • Add Water
  • Test the water
  • Add chemicals
  • Re-check chemical balance
  • Vacuum and skim

The list goes on and on!
When it’s all said and done, your pool has cost you much more than the cost of hiring a profession pool service to come in and take care of opening your pool for you. Plus. with a professional service,  you will be up and running much quicker allowing you the time you need to spend with your family and friends.

At Pezzetta Stone we have over 25 years of professional pool service under our belts. After all, who knows pools better than the people who build them.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation and take all the trouble and worries out of opening your pool this swimming season!


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The Pezzetta Stone Company implements techniques to build or overlay realistic stone looking creations. Our vertical wall systems are second to none in the concrete restoration industry. You can’t find another product that comes close to the beauty, style and functionality of our vertical wall overlay system.

Decks, walk-ways, and pool patios are a perfect fit for our custom carve crete applications. The flexibility of our exclusive formula is far less likely to crack and allows for minimum surface movement when compared to similar but far more rigid products.

While our surfaces look just like stone, tile or brick surfaces, it has a much softer feel under your feet, much like you’re walking on wood!

Pezzetta Stone has a proven record of durability. After 20 years and countless applications of our products, they have endured the diverse New England seasons. From sub-zero temperatures to over 100 degrees our finishes continue to look beautiful year after year.

The incredible bonding capabilities of Pezzetta Stone to almost any surface, makes it the perfect solution for home-owners, townships, schools, or commercial property owners alike.

Pezzetta Stone is dedicated to providing quality service with decorative overlay systems that are durable and elegant.

Please take the time to view our Gallery to see what Pezzetta Stone has to offer!