Create a Paradise in Your Own Back-yard

John Pezzetta installing a Gunite Pool

Pezzetta Pools are not only beautiful but extremely durable as well.  Using a process called Gunite, our pools are constructed using the same process commonly used in the construction of bridges, water-parks, retaining walls, and staircases. Gunite is pneumatically applied concrete sprayed over

structures that are reinforced with steel.  The advantages of strength, flexibility and durability makes Gunite the preferred construction technique for pools as well as many similar applications.

The only limit is Imagination

The Gunite process allows the concrete to follow irregular shapes and makes it possible to shape the materials as it hardens.

Artisans such as John Pezzetta can sculpt the mixture into beautiful concrete creations that are structurally sound insuring you years of satisfaction  in your back-yard paradise.