Mini Golf

John Pezzetta, owner and operator of Pezzetta Stone has been involved in the construction of Miniature Golf courses for over 20 years.  As a second generation mason and innovator of the most unique Mini Golf Designs on the East Coast, John has set himself apart from any and all competition.

John’s ability to create unique holes that go beyond the every- day flat run-of-the-mill miniature golf courses is what gets the visitors coming back. Repeat business is the backbone of any type of activity based business. By giving golfers different ways of reaching the holes, they return time after time and never experience the same course twice

Great Water Features! As a pool designer and Builder, John calls upon his experience to create the best Waterfalls, Fountains, and Water Features in the industry.  Incorporating the element of fantasy into playful rivers, cascading waterfalls, multi-tiered ponds, and breath taking fountains into his courses is one his signature trademarks.

In addition to his unparalleled water feature creation, the implementation of his Pezzetta Stone Carve-Crete Creations is the cornerstone of his success. John has pioneered the process and has continually improved upon this form of concrete construction. The process is limitless, strong and diverse. If you can imagine it, it can be built with this process of using Steel reinforced concrete that has a proven record of durability. After 20 years and countless applications of these products, they have endured the diverse New England seasons. From sub-zero temperatures to over 100 degrees Pezzetta Stone creations continue to look beautiful year after year. The incredible bonding capabilities of Pezzetta Stone to almost any surface, makes it the perfect solution for prospective mini golf course owners in any part of the country.

 Pezzetta Stone offers complete custom design and construction services for any course on any qualified property. If you’re considering making the plunge into the exciting and lucrative industry of Mini Golf, Please contact us for a free consultation.

Some Pezzetta Stone Mini Golf Projects Include:

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