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Our Services

Decorative Concrete Creations by Pezzetta Stone include custom carved walkways to pool and landscape design and construction…

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A collection of some of our creations are available in our gallery…

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Pezzetta Stone is owned and operated by John Pezzetta a second generation mason with 30+ years in the field…  

Our Services

The Pezzetta Stone Company implements techniques to build or overlay realistic stone looking creations. Our vertical wall systems are second to none in the concrete restoration industry. You can’t find another product that comes close to the beauty, style and functionality of our vertical wall overlay system.

Decks, walk-ways, and pool patios are a perfect fit for our custom carve crete applications. The flexibility of our exclusive formula is far less likely to crack and allows for minimum surface movement when compared to similar but far more rigid products.

While our surfaces look just like stone, tile or brick surfaces, it has a much softer feel under your feet, much like you’re walking on wood!

Pezzetta Stone has a proven record of durability. After 20 years and countless applications of our products, they have endured the diverse New England seasons. From sub-zero temperatures to over 100 degrees our finishes continue to look beautiful year after year.

The incredible bonding capabilities of Pezzetta Stone to almost any surface, makes it the perfect solution for home-owners, townships, schools, or commercial property owners alike.

Pezzetta Stone is dedicated to providing quality service with decorative overlay systems that are durable and elegant.

Please take the time to view our Gallery to see what Pezzetta Stone has to offer!


My family wanted more than the typical pool so commonly seen in the New England area.  I never had any inclination to get a pool… ever!

My Wife met John Pezzetta and both started talking.  John described what he did for a living and my wife shared her desire for the pool she knew she would soon have.  That thought was conveyed to me and I immediately shelved the idea.  With my Wife’s persistence, I finally got around to discussing pools with John.  I threw out what I thought was a very low price for a concrete pool. John thought about it and within minutes agreed to my terms.  We added and subtracted options until what my Wife wanted and I could afford, was agreed upon.

My family has enjoyed the pool for four years now, without experiencing structural problems or mechanical failures.  The deck of the pool has never experienced frost heaves and still looks pristine after some hard winters.

My Wife and family enjoy it daily; My Granddaughter seems to have grown gills.  I, on the other hand have been in the water four times out of those four years.  I do however, enjoy the beauty it lends to our home.  The complements are ongoing and my Wife’s smiles are endless.

John Pezzetta is a man of integrity. His designs and end products are second to none.  I would recommend him for any project you have in mind.      ~Ed Demetrion

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